Multi-Rack in Native Instruments Kontakt to Multiple Outputs

A quick thing I figured out that had been bugging me: there are plenty of posts and Native Instruments help pages about getting multiple devices in Kontakt out to dedicated outputs for each device, which is great. The problem I ran across is getting multiple devices inside of a multi-track device to output to their own dedicated output.

I use Kontakt for my synth sounds in Ableton for the easy device switching capability via multi-racks and MIDI, but outputting synths with different timbres on the same track is pretty sloppy in a live setting.

I was banging my head against the wall because if you change the output of the multi-rack in the device header, it changes it for all devices in the rack.

Took some snooping around, but it turns out you can actually have each device in the multi-rack on it's own separate track output, you just need to open up the Instrument Edit Mode to get to it:


It's the Output button on the bottom right, directly below "channel routing".

You need to of course make sure you follow the steps on NI's site for setting up the outputs in Kontakt to begin with.

It's not exactly an earth shattering find, but seeing as how there doesn't seem to be any documentation online for this, I figured I'd share. My live set just got a lot tighter mix!