Thanks, Prince

Someone said to me last night that "I don't understand, what's the BFD that people make about someone like Prince or Bowie dying?" It's an interesting question when you get down to it, even if it wasn't really intended to be.

For me, all art is about asking questions. The best art asks the toughest questions about us all, about identity, politics, gender, sexuality, oppression, exploitation, and our impact on our communities. The best art pulls the rug out from under our feet: it pushes us out of our comfort zones, and challenges us to be honest with ourselves and to push boundaries on all fronts. It holds us accountable, and when it's really special it can make us feel confident in who we are no matter how society might try to tear that down.

Iconoclasts like Prince and Bowie tore down so many walls, and show us how damned important the arts are in our lives. And they made it look damned good while they did it.

And shit, we had a good time while those walls crumbled.

Don't ever take the arts for granted, they're so essential for our well being.